Frequently Asked Questions


“Pick” is the order in which the puppies are chosen. Example the litter is born and there are 8 pups. There are 4 males and 4 females. “1st Pick” Male or Female is quite literal. Let’s say you reserve “1st pick” male. You get to pick first of all 4 male pups. You get to choose which pup you want before anyone else. The person that has “2nd pick” male reserved gets to pick next, then “3rd pick” gets to chose, then the person with “4th pick” gets the remaining pup from the litter of XL American Bully puppies for sale. It works exactly the same on the female side of the picks.

After a family/customer is approved to reserve a puppy. A contract is drawn up and via email which you can review, fill out, sign, and send back by email. Once deposit is made, we then sign off on the contract.

We ask for a $2000 Deposit to secure your pick.

Once  the deposit is paid to reserve the “pick” of your choice. Full payment can be made on pick up or the remaining balance can be broken up into payments of your choice, what ever is most convenient for you. The outstanding amount just has to be paid in full before he/she is ready to go home at 10 weeks of age. 

Yes we ship domesticaly and world wide